The mission of the Caspian Environmental Consortium is to use science and technology to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on the Caspian region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Brief hystory

Founded in 2022 in Kazakhstan by KazEcoSolutions LLP and BioClean LLP.

CASPIAN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSORTIUM Ltd. is a resident of the Astana International Financial Center since June 2023

Current Consortium Programs:

Institutional members of Concortium:

KazEcoSolutions LLP

KazEcoSolutions LLP was founded in 2008 to provide comprehensive services in the field of industrial waste collection and processing.

The main activity of the company is the bioremediation of chronically oil-contaminated lands and historical contamination as well as utilization of industrial waste (drilling waste, oil sludge, oil contaminated soil, etc.). 

For these purposes KazEcoSolutions successfully using their own patented biological product Myco-Oil based on active bacterial and yeast strains of oil hydrocarbons decomposers.

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